Wild Space Gallery is founded by the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation and located in the Warehouse Arts District of St. Petersburg, Florida. As an extension of the Foundation’s mission, Wild Space Gallery advances awareness of conservation issues within the state of Florida. Exhibits rotate regularly and are presented in an open showcase setting. The gallery features the works of locally and nationally renowned artists whose varied stories display an appreciation of nature and its transformative power to connect, heal, and endure. By curating thought-provoking exhibitions, we create a space where art becomes the vessel for engaging, challenging, and inspiring collaborative ideas towards protecting Florida’s wild places.

Wild Space Gallery, located at 2606 Fairfield Ave S., BLDG #7, St Petersburg, Florida 33712 is open to the public every Wednesday-Friday from 2-6pm and Saturdays from 2-8pm. Hours are extended until 9pm for Second Saturday Artwalk.

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Photo by Carlton Ward Jr./ Wildpath

Connect and Protect

June 8, 2024 – August 23, 2024 

Celebrate the 200,000 acres approved for conservation since the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act. This Wildpath photography exhibit features properties secured through the Florida Forever and Rural and Family Lands protection programs. Wildpath tells the stories of wide-ranging wildlife and the habitats they connect, to help protect a planet in balance. See more photos and videos of Florida Wildlife Corridor lands recently conserved at wildpath.com/progress.

This traveling exhibit was made possible by the Jacarlene Foundation and is now showing at Wild Space thanks to the generous support of the Ruth and JO Stone Foundation. 

Join us for an author talk with award-winning historian and author, Leslie Poole! | August 10th from 3 – 4:30pm


  • Open Air: Multimedia works by Scott Fisher, Babs Reingold, and David Waterman
    September 14, 2024 – October 26, 2024
    Curated by Raheem Fitzgerald, Tony Palms and Noel Smith

  • Breaking Barriers
    November 9, 2024 – Dec 14, 2024

  • GraphicStudio Exhibition
    January 11 – March 8, 2025


You Are Here

Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation
You Are Here

“You Are Here” showcases iconic landscapes of the Corridor, from the Everglades up through working lands, wildlife underpasses, and into Florida’s gorgeous springs and forests. The traveling exhibit showcases stunning landscape and wildlife photography under the categories: wetlands, working lands, wildlife crossings, and waterways and features photography from the renowned Carlton Ward Jr. as well as seven other Florida conservation photographers. After a year at the Florida House in Washington DC in 2023, the exhibit is traveling around Florida through 2025. The exhibit will be on display at Wild Space Gallery at the end of 2025!


Genevieve Lykes Dimmitt and David Price
The Nature of Healing 

April 13 – May 25, 2024

Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
— John Muir

The Nature of Healing presents the work of two Florida artists who have found lifelong inspiration in our natural environment and its abundant resources. In a dynamic pairing of abstract painting and classically-infused sculpture, Genevieve Lykes Dimmitt and David Price explore the power of art to engage with nature, and find within it sources of wonder and solace.

In a series of mixed media paintings, Genevieve Lykes Dimmitt combines elements such as gold leaf, mica and wood with imagery abstracted from nature. Like an alchemist, she transforms these earthy components into an aesthetic journey that charts a process of emotional and intellectual healing following a devastating loss.

David Price invests many hours of observation and study from life and in the field to achieve both veracity and individuality in his bronze interpretations of Florida birds and animals. Sculpted first from clay and later metal, the portraits emerge from the earth itself. “I find solace in nature and believe in the healing power of being out in nature. Studying nature for my art puts me in the present and makes me mindful of the beauty and organization of life in harmony.”

This exhibition is in partnership with Love IV Lawrence / Community Foundation Tampa Bay. Made possible, in part, thanks to the generous support of The Ruth and J O Stone Foundation.

Artist Statements

Archbold Biological Station
Timeless: Art, Science and Nature

At Archbold Biological Station, scientists and artists work in tandem on long-term ecological and environmental studies. In the living laboratory/studio that is Archbold, they are building a picture of Florida’s ancient lands and its inhabitants over time. While science relies on facts, and art on imagination, the two approaches can merge, as this exhibition of works created at Archbold suggests. Included are images by scientists who leverage their artistic skills to further their research, and compositions by artists who access scientific knowledge in their aesthetic investigations. Media include painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, music, video, and installation by Dustin Angell, Reed Bowman, Mark Deyrup, Mollie Doctrow, Michele Oka Doner, Maria Eisner, Thomas Eisner, Evelyn Gaiser, Deborah Mitchell, and Kristy Sullivan. This exhibit is made possible by the generous support of Bradley S. and Marta E. Pollitt and Family.

Circle of Water, Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse’s exhibition at Wild Gallery, adds a new piece to the puzzle in their continuing aesthetic-environmental exploration. This exhibition expands their work on the warming of our oceans to include the waters in the interior of Florida. Climate issues have no boundaries. All water is connected. With paintings, drawings, sculpture and video, Mickett & Stackhouse explore the role of creeping saltwater intrusion, the warming of our waters, and the natural and human worlds’ roles in mitigating the health of our waters, our world, and ourselves. Circle of Water includes the work of participants from their NEA project Cool Pinellas and the WEDU PBS digital series High Water Marks. Thank you to our exhibit sponsor, The Lowry Murphy Family Foundation.

Watch High Water Marks

Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse are a collaborative team whose 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art is focused on water and climate issues. Mickett and Stackhouse were the 2020 Creative Pinellas Art Laureates and received a Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Critic Award for their science conversations. They were Artists-At-Sea, in 2021, aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ocean-research vessel Falkor. During 2022, they received an NEA grant through Creative Pinellas for their community project Cool Pinellas (icecubeproject.com) and had an exhibition, Balance of Water, at the Leepa-Rattner Museum. WEDU PBS’s 8-part YouTube digital series, High Water Marks, “explores how their art and activism intersect to bring awareness and understanding to issues facing our environment.” Their collaborative work is in numerous private and public collections worldwide.

Carol Mickett worked for over a decade in academia and holds her Ph.D. in philosophy. Mickett has received numerous grants, presents lectures, performs in theater, and has published essays, poems, and interviews in Canadian Philosophical Review, Hypatia, Prairie Schooner, and New Letters among others. She was the host/curator of Art Laureate Conversations for Creative Pinellas and for Our Town at the Dali Museum, and the host/producer of Art Radio in Kansas City, MO.

Robert Stackhouse holds an MA in art from the Univ. of Maryland and an honorary doctorate from the University of South Florida. Stackhouse taught at the Corcoran College of Art and has held endowed chairs at the University of Denver, Hartford Art School and the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. His individual work can be found in museum collections around the world including the Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery in Washington, DC, The National Gallery of Australia, the Phillips Collection, and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.


Noel Marie Smith is a visual arts curator and arts administrator with three decades of experience working with artists, curators, and arts institutions locally, nationally and internationally. At the USF Institute for Research in Art: Graphicstudio | Contemporary Art Museum, she served as Deputy Director of the Contemporary Art Museum, where she curated a number of exhibitions, including Constant Storm: Art from Puerto Rico and the Diaspora, Los Carpinteros: Inventing the World, and Histórias/Histories: Contemporary Art from Brazil. Smith has experience with artist collaborations, educational programming, and grant writing, and is a published translator of literary and critical texts from Spanish to English. She is a third generation Florida native.