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Wild Ones are members of a special giving society for people like YOU – passionate supporters who love to convene out in wild Florida,

With your investment of $1,000 or more per year for three years, you will play a critical role in helping to Keep Florida Wild. Your donation will support interactive storytelling and collaborative projects with partners to accelerate on-the-ground habitat protection in our state.

Your membership includes:

  • Invitations to Exclusive Wild Ones events
  • Recognition on our Website and Printed Materials

  • First Alerts about Upcoming Corridor Explorations

  • Opportunities to Join our Trail Mixers and Other Premier Events Throughout the State.

Steinahatchee Trail Mixer



Meet The Wild Ones:

Grace Anderson
Virginia Arabia
Thomas D. Arthur – ASAP Capital Partners
Ralph Arwood
Renée Athey & Tito Vargas
Patrick & Kathy Beyer
Robert & Trisha Birkenstock
Ann Burchenal
Don Burton – Burton Family Foundation
Michael & Rebecca Cantonis
Mallory Lykes Dimmitt
Liz Dimmitt
Lawrence & Vevie Dimmitt

Florida First Foundation
Pit & Joy Gills Foundation
Neil & Sarah Harvey
Kay Heller – Culbreath Family Foundation
Sally & David Hemerick
Hunt & Molly James
Beth Jones
Krusen Family Foundation
Joshua & Eileen Magidson
Bert Martin
Marsha H Martin
Deborah & Jacob Mast
Sara & Harold O’Connell

Paul & Liz Phillips
Scott Rubin, Rubin Health Center PA
Charles Sawyer
Thayer & Tready Arthur Smith
Spurlino Foundation
Don & Bretta Sullivan
Tom & Lee Touchton
David & Linda Ward, Jr.
Nell Ward
Alex & Sue Williams
Beau Williams
Rob & Jackie Williams
George & Allison Wood