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$25,000: Black Bear
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Join us for a Mini Trek in the Heart of Florida – April 15–22, 2018
Heartland to Headwaters
Corridor at a Crossroads

With 1,000 new residents moving to Florida every day, development and transportation infrastructure are consuming natural and agricultural lands at a rate of 20 acres per hour. Roads like Interstate 4 create hard barriers to the movement of wildlife and water.

The remaining wild areas between Tampa and Orlando are quickly becoming isolated. Only three potential natural connection points remain linking the Everglades Headwaters south of I-4 to the Green Swamp north of I-4. As the two most extensive wetlands in the state, they provide freshwater flow to nearly 15 million Floridians.

The mission of the 2018 Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition is to navigate and document one chokepoint of the Corridor that can possibly still be saved. By exploring this narrow, but critical, connection we will issue a call to action for additional conservation to protect and restore this remaining wild thread within a growing urban interface

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Your generous donation will support this urgently-needed check on the health of the Corridor. Without improved connectivity and safe wildlife passages, these fragile threads of natural habitat across 1-4 may be lost forever.

Please help us elevate these issues to inspire the necessary conservation before it’s too late. The future of wildlife and water supply depends on keeping the Corridor connected!

  • A CHECK-UP ON THE HEART OF THE CORRIDOR in this central Florida region shows a great risk to survival of the Corridor, a crossroads in the center of the peninsula with an already weak connection.
  • A CRITICAL FRESHWATER RESOURCE to residents in all directions throughout the state, connecting to Tampa Bay, the Nature Coast, Jacksonville and Miami.
  • LEVERAGE CITIZEN SCIENCE FOR ACTION to enhance or restore connectivity for wildlife and water supply.
  • FOLLOW ALONG through daily updates through blogs and social media posting, and in-depth coverage in regional media outlets.

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