Corridor Resources

Join us in the study of emerging data on the Corridor

Mapping Resources

Florida Ecological Greenways Network – FEGN provides the scientific foundation for the geographic Florida Wildlife Corridor. There are additional maps outlining Priority Areas 1-5 within the Florida Wildlife Corridor boundaries.
Florida Natural Areas Inventory Geospatial Open Data – Search and download open GIS data files from FNAI.
Florida Conservation Lands Map Viewer – View Florida Conservation Lands, Florida Forever Board of Trustees Projects, Florida Forever Acquisitions, Conservation Easements, and State Aquatic Preserves with this Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) mapping tool.
Basemap of Florida – This FDOT link has a high resolution aerial imagery layer for the entire state of Florida.
Florida DEP Geospatial Open Data – View the location of the most important conservation corridors and large, intact landscapes in the state via the Florida Ecological Greenways Network (FEGN) data layer. This resource informs Florida Forever and other state and regional land acquisition programs.
FDOT Wildlife Bridge Crossings – Mapping tool that identifies wildlife bridge crossings in Florida.
Florida Ecological Greenways Network 2021: Polygons – Layer Package for use with ArcMap 10.x
Florida Forever Conservation Data Map – This map includes Conservation Boundary Layers and Prioritized Natural Resource layers

Landowner & Land Acquisition Resources

Rural and Family Lands Protection Program
Florida Forever Program
Florida Forever Fact Sheet
Florida Communities Trust
Florida Communities Trust Fact Sheet
Land and Water Conservation Fund
Florida Greenway & Trail Designation Resources – Learn how to become a part of the Florida’s network of greenways and trails.
Landowner Assistance Program – This FWC program provides habitat management services to landowners and connects landowners to multiple financial assistance options.

Agency sites

Story Maps & Project Maps

Our Lands. Our Legacy. Florida Forever Conservation and Recreation Land Acquisition Program – This story map is a small selection of projects led by the program.
Rural and Family Lands Protection Program for Florida– This story map is a small selection of projects led by the program.
Preserving Old Florida – This Story Map documents the role of a Florida rancher’s conservation efforts through Natural Resource Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS).
Rural and Family Lands Projects Map – This map provides locations for RFLPP projects.
Florida Forever Land Conservation since the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act – Discover the pieces of the Florida Wildlife Corridor that have been protected by the Florida Forever Program since the passing of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act. In this story map (Archbold), learn about the properties, featuring photos by Carlton Ward, Jr. and the Wildpath team.
The Journey That Inspired the Florida Wildlife Corridor – When the bear who would come to be known as M34 was captured and radio-collared in 2009, the biologists who would study his movements could not have predicted how his journey would come to impact the future of conservation in Florida. This story map follows his journey. (Archbold)
Why did the Panther Cross the Road? – Managing wildlife movement in the face of rapid urbanization. This story map features wildlife crossings across the state.

Wildlife Crossings

FDOT ArcGIS Wildlife Crossings – Access details on the FDOT infrastructure that Florida wildlife have used to avoid roads. Some of these bridges and culverts were designed for wildlife while others have become coincidental crossings. Many of these have photo archives with video and stills of wildlife using the crossings. Like this Bear crossing under SR29
Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative
I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East project – Washington State
FDOT Wildlife Crossing Guidelines
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Wildlife Crossings

Recreational Links

Scientific Research, Papers & Reports

Additional Information

Policy/Advocacy Toolkit

Florida Wildlife Corridor Act of 2021 – An Act with bipartisan support that was passed by the State House and Senate and signed by Florida’s governor recognizing the geographic Florida Wildlife Corridor beginning July 1, 2021.
Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 – House of Representatives Bill 2795
Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 – Senate Bill 1499
Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act – An Act supported by hundreds of conservation organizations across the country.
GovTrack – This tool is an independent website tracking the status of legislation in the United States Congress.
Ecological Corridor Ordinance – This Ordinance became effective in Pasco County on June 24, 2016.
Federal Highway Administration 2008 Wildlife Vehicle Collision Study – This national study details the causes and impacts of wildlife-vehicle collisions and identifies potential solutions to this growing safety problem.