Mapping The Florida Wildlife Corridor

Watercolor Map

The vision of the Corridor is depicted beautifully in this watercolor map; original painting by Mike Reagan, designed by Carlton Ward Jr, Tom Hoctor, Richard Hilsenbeck, Mallory Lykes Dimmitt and Joe Guthrie. Explore the maps that follow to gain further insight on the rich natural heritage of our State, especially within these important lands.

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The Corridor

The Florida Wildlife Corridor covers nearly 17.7 million acres of Florida. 9.6 million acres of the Corridor are existing conserved lands, or 54% of the Corridor. 8.1 million acres of the Corridor are considered as opportunity areas for future conservation, or 46% of the Corridor.

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Conserved Lands

There are state and federal programs that identify high priority projects in the state of Florida – Florida Forever and Rural and Family Lands Protection Program. 1.8 million acres of proposed Florida Forever projects are in the Corridor, which accounts for 22% of Corridor opportunity areas. 163,000 acres of proposed Tier 1 Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (RFLPP) projects are in the Corridor. 86% of these 163,000 acres lie within the Corridor.

Critical Linkage

The FEGN’s highest priorities, named Critical Linkages, identify the best remaining opportunities to functionally connect major existing public and private conservation lands across the state. Once protected, the Critical Linkages would connect all of Florida’s largest existing conservation lands into one functional statewide ecological network.

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Corridor Opportunity Areas

The Corridor is composed of hundreds of parcels of protected land, from Flagler County’s 30 acre Bull Creek Campground, to the 1.5 million acre Everglades National Park. The roughly 10 million acres of Existing Conservation Area illustrated in light green in the map above includes working lands protected with conservation easements. The dark green extent highlights the approximate 8 million acres of unprotected lands that remain. These Corridor Opportunity Areas are high priority lands that connect and support the wild legacy of our parks, preserves, refuges.

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Our Corridor By The Numbers