Let’s Accelerate the Pace of Conservation

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Avery Palmer

This fall our beautiful state was rocked by Hurricane Ian and its aftermath continued for weeks. It emphasized how essential the Florida Wildlife Corridor is and demonstrated the immediate need to conserve wetlands within that act as sponges during storm surges by absorbing excess water and swelling to mitigate extreme flooding events.

The Corridor is a vital resource that naturally creates resilience for Florida…and it’s in jeopardy. Half-a-million acres of critical links are at risk of development by 2030—connections that if lost, will sever parts of the Corridor forever.

Will you help save these disappearing threads? Your financial gift entrusts our team to take targeted action toward protecting the most at-risk areas within the Corridor. We’re dedicated to your need to keep Florida wild and pledge our commitment to ignite the Corridor vision across the state and beyond.

Support of our state’s connected landscape made such an impact in 2022 by allowing the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation to increase programs that:

  • raise awareness and invite innovative solutions
  • connect partners to solve the Corridor’s most pressing issues
  • and inspire the next generation of Corridor conservationists

Please consider partnering with the Foundation by making your year-end donation today. You can also maximize your impact with a monthly contribution, ensuring the crucial work for the Corridor has regular support.

We recognize you have choices as a donor and your commitment to the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation means so much to us. If you would like more information, please connect with Danna Bramlett, Director of Development, at Danna@floridawildlifecorridor.org or call/text 727-543-7648.

Thank you for all you do to protect and appreciate wild Florida.

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