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10 Ways You Can Help Connect the Florida Wildlife Corridor

1. Raise awareness. – Recruit 10 or more friends to follow the Florida Wildlife Corridor on social media and/or sign up for our newsletter.

2. Support Florida agriculture. – Purchase food items with the “Fresh From Florida” label. Florida’s agricultural producers include over 47,000 farms spanning 9.25 million acres, many within the Florida Wildlife Corridor opportunity area. Keeping farms and ranches in business and sustainable is good for people and wildlife statewide.

3. Advocate for land protection funding. – Call or write your state legislators. Let them know that you desire full funding for Florida Forever and that you want the state to use its land conservation program dollars to purchase conservation easements within the “critical linkages” of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Contact federal legislators to support funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

4. Get involved in a land or water campaign. – Volunteer your time for a public campaign aimed at protecting your local lands and/or waters. Help a statewide campaign such as Florida’s Water & Land Legacy. Learn about the issues and recruit others to support the cause.

5. Visit your public lands and share the experience. – Explore the myriad public lands within the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Go camping. Increasing public use of the widely available recreational amenities builds a constituency of people who value public lands. Experience ‘Real Florida’ and share it with friends!

6. Support Florida greenways and trails. – Go hiking, biking or paddling on Florida’s system of greenways and trails. Florida has a plan to protect a network of hiking, multi-use and paddling trails through greenways like the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Discover the greenways and trails near you, and support completion of the system across the state.

7. Teach someone to hunt or fish. – Teach a child to hunt or fish, so they’ll enjoy a lifetime of outdoor pursuits and a respect for nature. Sportsmen and women and their organizations are important allies for protecting land and wildlife. Join a local chapter, state, or national group where your membership dollars will benefit habitat conservation.

8. Go birding. – There are many ways to enjoy nature. Nature-based tourism is important to Florida’s economy. You can help by finding and supporting opportunities near you. Attend a birding festival or experience the Great Florida Birding Trail. Learn how birds migrate throughout Florida and beyond.

9. Support smart planning. – Get involved in land use and transportation decisions. These issues affect the health of our communities and the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Support urban development and compact communities with access to public transportation to reduce loss of rural land and demand for new roads. Speak up for roads with safe wildlife crossings, underpasses and signs to protect drivers and wildlife alike.

10. Make a financial contribution to Florida Wildlife Corridor conservation. – Become a member of or donate to conservation groups and land trusts working within the corridor. Purchase a Florida conservation license plate to help fund important programs for the species. Support the Florida Wildlife Corridor‘s outreach campaign.