Crystal River Mural

Why Crystal River?

Located in downtown Crystal River, this interactive mural blends art + technology to showcase the unique Crystal River ecosystem, which plays a significant ecological role within the Corridor.

Crystal River is a 6.8 square mile coastal city is self-proclaimed “Home of the Manatee” and known for its world-class fishing, pristine waterways, and breathtaking views. Visitors from all over the world come year-round and the community local economies thrive on this tourism. It also relies on the Florida Wildlife Corridor for clean, healthy waters and wildlife populations.

Meet the artist 

Kelly Quinn is a Florida-based artist and the Art Director for Canvas of the Wild. Born and raised in the sunshine state on the headwaters of the Everglades, Kelly’s passion for nature was sparked in childhood and has inspired her career as a professional artist dedicated to communicating science through the power of art.

Headshot of artist Kelly Quinn in front of a colorful painting.

“ I was born and raised on the headwaters of the Everglades, where I learned the land and water were a part of my identity, and the charismatic animals I shared my home with were my fellow neighbors, all of which had a story worthy of being shared. Today, I use art to communicate these wild stories and highlight the underlying science behind each inspiration to help form deeper connections between people and nature.”

Kelly Quinn and Blake Wheeler stand in front of their last mural in Miami that showcases sea life from the pelagic zone.

Canvas of the Wild

Co-founded in 2018 by Kelly Quinn and Blake Wheeler, Canvas of the Wild is a creative design, development, and publishing studio focused on supporting STEAM education.

Canvas of the Wild engages individuals with environmental science through the creative process. Its mission is to help individuals see their relationship with a subject differently and inspire them to explore new perspectives through infographics, books, workshops, and interactive environments.


Crystal River within the Corridor 

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