Corridor Community Mural Grant Program

Instructions for Letters of Interest

Introduction: The Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation champions a collaborative campaign to permanently connect, protect and restore the Florida Wildlife Corridor. We use rich storytelling, rooted in science, to heighten the visibility of the Florida Wildlife Corridor and inspire protection of the urgent priority areas and irreplaceable gaps within the Corridor. The Florida Wildlife Corridor comprises of nearly 18 million acres of connected wild or working lands crucial to the survival of many of Florida’s 131 imperiled animals and humans.

Purpose: The mural campaign promotes awareness of the Florida Wildlife Corridor through public creative works. Corridor murals emphasize distinctive ecosystems or species found in nearby priority areas in the Florida Wildlife Corridor that need urgent conservation. Cities/towns are granted partial funding for façade beautification via a mural as a part of an on-going effort to invite, educate and encourage communities, visitors, and local decision makers to join our statewide mission to protect the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Each mural includes interactive signage which provides additional online information about the mural and the region’s ecological story and geographical significance.

Grant Focus Areas: The Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation accepts mural grant requests across Florida. We prioritize areas within or adjacent to the Corridor and Corridor Gateway Communities, or urban areas with high foot traffic and visibility, in the following counties: Citrus, Collier, Hernando, Lake, Leon, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Volusia. Search here to see where your proposed mural project is located in relation to the Corridor.

Mural Grant Criteria: Mural walls should be located in areas central to the proposed project region, such as downtown areas, city entries, entertainment districts and other high-traffic areas. The project should have lighting, be visible to passing vehicles or pedestrian traffic, and offer good walkable access to visit the mural up close and scan information or signage.

It is preferred that the wall has few or no windows and doors and is not blocked by trees or other objects that obscure the full view of the mural. Wall owners must agree to grant permission, provide proof of insurance, and assume safety and security in and around the mural location. For this reason, the Corridor Foundation will not fund mural projects on surfaces that are in disrepair or on unoccupied buildings.

Mural Grant Awards: Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation grant awards range between $5,000 to $15,000 and require a minimum of $5,000 local investment per mural project. Grant funds are restricted to supporting artist fees, materials and equipment needed for mural installation. Grants are one-time awards and are non-recurring.

The Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject any application or project at any time. Letters of Interest are reviewed by our Grant Committee and selected based on criteria, availability of funds and the discretion of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation.

We Do Not Fund:

  • Building or Capital Improvements
  • Building/Mural Insurance
  • Lighting
  • Mural maintenance

Letter of Interest Instructions

Applicants should submit a Letter of Interest (2 pages max). The letter should include:

  1. Organizational Point of Contact/s
  2. Project Partners
  3. Proposed Project Description (How does the mural highlight the Corridor?)
  4. Proposed Project Location
  5. Draft Budget
  6. Project Timeline
  7. Project Funding Sources
  8. Proposed Uses of Funds
Submit your letter of interest here