Join our team of Wild Ones and become a Founding Member today! Pick your Membership Level:

$10,000 and higher: Florida panther $5,000 and higher: Florida black bear $2,500 and higher: Florida manatee

$1,000 and higher: Swallow-tailed kite

Become a Wild One!

The Wild Ones is a special, new giving society for people like YOU – our most passionate supporters of wild Florida.

With your investment of $1,000 or more per year for three years, you will play a critical role in helping to Keep Florida Wild. Your donation will support interactive storytelling and collaborative projects with partners to accelerate on-the-ground habitat protection in our state.

Your membership includes:

  • invitations to exclusive Wild Ones events,
  • recognition on our website and printed materials,
  • first alerts about upcoming Corridor Explorations, and
  • opportunities to join our Trail Mixers and other premier events throughout the state.

Meet the Wild Ones

Thomas D. Arthur, ASAP Capital Partners
Renée Athey
Lowry Baldwin
Patrick and Kathy Beyer
Robert Birkenstock
Joshua Bomstein
Ann Burchenal
Cathleen Burns
Don Burton, Burton Family Foundation
Mike and Janet Carroll
John and Marilyn Connelly
Lawrence and Vevie Dimmitt
Liz Dimmitt
Mallory Dimmitt
Marge Dimmitt
Richard and Doreen Dimmitt
Florida First Foundation
Ronn Ginn
Sally Guthrie
Hunt and Molly James
Mary Jane Hillard Jones Foundation
Krusen Family Foundation
Bert Martin, Lion Fund LLC
Marsha H Martin
Deborah and Jacob Mast
Sara and Harold O’Connell
Paul and Liz Phillips
John and Thalia Pryor
Scott Rubin, Rubin Health Center PA
Charles Sawyer, Community Foundation of Boulder County
Thayer and Tready Arthur Smith
Craig and Sue Timmins
Loyd Tomlinson
Tom and Lee Touchton
David Ward Jr.
Alex and Sue Williams
Beau Williams
Rob and Jackie Williams
Sidney Wilson