A View From the Other Side of the Lens

LINC’s contribution to the Florida Wildlife Corridor vision is via a project called Florida Wildlife Corridor: Critical Linkages. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness for specific parcels identified by the state of Florida as Critical Linkages between existing conservation areas. While each of these proposed lands merit conservation through their diverse biological habitats, it takes more to grab the attention of the masses.

For this we turn to the voices of our 15 photographers, or rather their photography, to draw us to the Critical Linkage they are each assigned. Yet a captivating photograph often leaves the viewer with many questions. Do you ever wonder at the inspiration for a photograph? Ever contemplate the intention behind long hours in the wilds, waiting for the right light? What would those voices say about each photograph and the areas in which they spend so much time?

To answer these questions LINC offers A View From the Other Side of the Lens, a series of blog posts aimed at giving our photographers a chance to tell their story through text. Here, each photographer will have an opportunity to further inspire our connection to the Critical Linkages, and provide insight into the creativity behind each photograph.